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Welcome to software illusions.  The best fruit machine games ever made!
Welcome to Software Illusions, your number one source for realistic Fruit Machine and Slot Machine games. Each of our games are created around real machines, and because of this they play and look exactly like them! Please feel free to browse our site and download our game demo's.
JUNE 2024 !! Did you know we now have 9 games available for Android devices, and some on Apple and Amazon too? Check out the downloads section to see them!

October 2023 !! It's been a while, but you can now buy our legacy PC games again! We lost the ability to create keycodes online, but this is now fixed. The games are just 2.99, or a tenner for the whole lot!
October 2023 !! Amazingly, all of our old PC games should work with every version of windows, including Windows 11!
October 2023 !! If you are using Windows 10 or 11, and the game is not saving your activation code... Just right click on the games' icon and select "Run as administrator.." Your keycode will now save correctly!
Feb 2017... Cast Attack coming soon for iPhone and iPad! And it will be free!
October 2016.. Cash Blaster released for iPhone and iPad!
Watch out for our new games for iPhone and iPad!
All games updated to be compatible with Windows 7.
Summer 2010. We have launched our summer sale! Get the ultimate pack bundle, with free cd, for only 18.99! See the "buy now" page for more details of this fantastic offer.
July 2009. With each Ultimate Pack purchase, you will now receive a retail packaged CD through the post as well as the normal unlock key sent instantly be email. Click here to see the boxshot
April 2009. Price cuts on some of our games and game packs, click here to see how much you could save.
July 2008. All games have been tested and verified 100% compatible with Windows XP service pack 3.
1st March 2008. We have created a new customer control panel. Customers can login to this area to view their orders, view keycodes or request new ones.
22nd April 2007. Added options in Halloween and Cashroll. You can now redfine the keys, making these games compatible with MAME.
1st Jan 2007. Our new game, Wheel of Fortune has been released.
19th September 2006. Game feature updates, and website updates.
25th June 2006. Updated versions of Splash Cash, Encrypted and Safe Cracker Released.
2nd May 2006. Updated version of all games released. Reels spin more realisticly, Games with two screens work better, other minor gameplay improvements. Available to download now.
21st January 2006. All fruit machine games updated. All music now loops properly (it wont stop after 15 seconds), other minor improvements and smaller download sizes. Inferno has had quite a major revamp to improve gameplay. Improved internet highscores.
28th October 2005. Just in time for the big day, our new game, Halloween, has been released!! Halloween is a club fruit machine with a virtual 250 jackpot, available now in the downloads section.
25th September 2005. New feature for all games, we have added "Internet Highscores"!! You can now submit your scores onto our world-wide score boards, are you good enough to get into the top ten???
1st June 2005. All games now have a "check for update" feature. You also now have the option to save your game!
21st March 2005. Inferno has now been updated to version 2. Features better stability, new graphics, feature enhancements, new LED display, Keyboard compatibility and some minor bug fixes.
23rd February 2005. All demonstraion games now contain the full game which can be activated immediately with a Keycode once purchased. This eliminates the need to dowload and install the full version, making the whole buying process much easier. Click here to learn how to use keycodes.
13th February 2005, New game Release, CashRoll Club! Little bit different to our previous games, it has a virtual 250 Jackpot, The feature board and reel board are on one screen - and it will run Full screen on 1024x768.
26th October. Our site now makes use of Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode for online orders, making it even safer to purchase goods online.
22nd October. Pocket fruit machine updated. Now plays more realisticly and has an added Highscore board!
7th October. Roulette game updated. General game enhancements, squares now flash to indicate which were the successful bets, repeat your previous bet with the click of a button.
12th September. Pocket Fruit Machine has now been released! It works on Pocket PC devices such as the HP Ipaq running either WinCE 2002, or WinCE 2003. Although we have no means to test at the moment, it may also run on smartphones.
1st September. Money belt has been updated on all games. It now plays better and has more varied amounts making the feature more realistic.
25th July. New feature, Safe Cracker now has an option to switch the game between US Dollars and Pounds. If this feature proves popular, we will integrate this into our entire product range.
Windows XP SP2. All games have been tested and are verified 100% working with Windows XP service pack 2.
New Release, Super Fruits! Super Fruits has a wraparound feature board with a twist! Once you land on the Icon square, the super feature board is activated, allowing you to build up your cash even quicker! Game includes extra features and longer game play.
Video Roulette has been released. Visit the downloads page now to get your trial copy, and please send us your comments, ideas for improvement etc!
We are currently looking for distributors of our retail Packaged games. Email us using the contact above if you are interested. Huge discounts are available for bulk orders.
Music Loops have been re-vamped in all games giving better quality and more varied sounds, at the same time making the games quicker to download! These sounds really do make a difference to game play!
Encrypted, Inferno and Safe Cracker now have a new "Unlocked Feature". In the demo version you now have a 1 in 4 chance of the feature board being fully unlocked, so you can try any feature you like - A real taste of the full games!
All games have been updated, "Nudge after Win" is now more realistic as well as lots of little improvements to make the games more enjoyable to play!
Easy Streaker now has a High score Board!

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