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Please read through our frequently asked questions regarding our fruit machine games.

Can I win and lose real money on these games?
No, our games are for entertainment only.
I am a customer and I need a new keycode, I have lost the code emailed to me when I made my purchase or it has expired.
Simply log into your customer control panel to get a new keycode. The control panel can be accessed by clicking here, or from various links scattered around this website.
When I load some of the games, a box pop's up warning me about my screen resolution - and the game does not display on the screen properly. What can I do?
Three of our games require a miniumum screen resolution of 1024x768 to operate correctly. If you are running in 800x600 mode you will not see the whole machine! You need to go into your control panel on the start menu and double click the display icon. Next, go to settings and adjust the "slider" so that it reads 1024x768. Click Ok, and run the game again! (Some computers might ask you to restart after this step).
If I decide to buy the games, can I install them on ore than one computer?
When you buy the games your are purchasing a single user license. We do however allow you to install them on your own computer AND one more machine that you own - your laptop for example.
I have bought the games but they still appear to be the Demo's!
After ordering you will receive an email, with your keycode allowing you to activate the full games, meaning you can play immediately after placing your order.
Ive download Pocket Fruit Machine, it installed okay - but when I try to run the game a page comes up saying something about evb runtimes?
You will need to download and install the Microsoft EVb runtime files. Click here to download them. Install the file using Activesync. Once this is done the game will run correctly.
My game has stopped offering random nudges, skill nudges or only gives one nudge.
Your game file has become corrupt, just go into the statistics on the game menu, and press the reset button.
If I purchase the games, what will happen if I lose my keycode and need to re-install at a later date? Will I have to pay again?
No, you only ever pay for the games once. If you need reminding of your code, or need a new one, you can simply log into the customer control panel.
One of the main worries - and rightly so - of any shopper using an online shop is: "Is it safe to send my card details across the internet?".
All of the information you give us via the website is handled with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We ensure the security of the site by encrypting all the information through the secure socket layer (SSL) before it is sent to us. SWReg, the biggest and very well established shareware registration services, provide this Secure Socket Layer. Irrespective of SSL security, credit card data is not retained on the web server but immediately passed into SWReg's internal systems and the data is stored behind a firewall that is impenetrable unless you are authorised to do so. This information is then passed to your bank to process and authorise payment. SWReg operate through a Secure Server and all transactions that take place are encrypted between your browser and the Secure Trading Server. Nobody is able to obtain your credit card details or other information. SWReg operate a highly sophisticated online trading system which allows the process of your credit card details to process payment with your bank and complete the financial transactions securely behind protected firewalls. No personal or financial details are left unencrypted on a remote server, and such details are never sent by Internet email.
I ordered online but havent received an email confirming my registration yet. How long does it take?
Order confirmation emails are sent immediately, if you do not receive it then one of two things may have happened.

1) Your order was not sucessful - make sure you enter your card details correctly.

2) You did not enter your email address correctly. It is very important you enter yor email address correctly, if you dont there could be a serious delay in receiving your games!

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