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Generic fruit machine help file

To insert a coin

To insert a coin you must have have money in the bank. Clicking on the "pound" icon on any of the game will transfer a pound at a time into your credits. Clicking on the LED display will have the same effect.

Boss Mode

No this isnt a cheat.. But pressing the escape key will immediately minimise and disguise your game - handy for when the boss walks into the room!

The Reel guide

To access the reel guide, simply click on any reel in view. A new window will open showing the reel layout and the current position of the reels. To return to the game click anywhere in the new window.


From the statistics screen on the game menu, you can view all of the machines internal meters. You can also reset these meters from this screen. This is useful if the machine begins to act abnormlly (not giving nudges etc).

The Keyboard

Most of our games support use of the keyboard. In general, these are the keys.

Spacebar = Start.
1, 2 or 3 = hold buttons.
C = cancel.
0 = insert coin.

Other buttons have keys assigned on a game-to-game basis. But generally the the first letter of the button name wll correspton to the keyboard shortcut, N = Nudges, S =Stop and so on.

Internet Highscores

To save a highscore, you must quit a game you are playing. If the total amount on the bank is high enough, a box will be displayed asking for your name. If you selected "exit and save" this will not happen. To submit an internet highscore, you must first have a saved highscore.