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The Game

Our fourth fruit machine game. CashRoll Club is the long awaited fruit machine from Software Illusions. The game is based on a wraparound style feature board, similar to encrypted.

The feature game consists of three trails, features, cash, and shots as well as the unique "CashRoll Club" feature! Features heavily improved realistic spinning reels, and lots of other cool features making this game the most realistic fruit machine sim available!

The bottom glass

CashRoll Club Fruit Machine

The aim of this board is to either roll in a win, or collect 3 stars in a row to enter the feature game. Some key features of the reel game include:

Holds After Nudges

3 Stars in a row will start the normal feature game.

4 Stars in a row will start the super feature game.

Where a win and stars land in combination on the winline, the win will be paid and the stars ignored.

The table below shows the features of CashRoll Club and what each one does.

Feature Name Description
Cherry Suprise Spins in a winning combination of cherrys, either 3 of a kind or even all 4!
Bar Spinner Will spin in a random winning combination of bars.
Money Belt Cash amounts will scroll accross the screen, the player must press the stop button to collect the best possible combination. All 3 wins are added up and awarded to the player.
Turbo Cash WA random cash amount will appear on the LCD display. Cash Values to the left and right of this will alternate. The player must try to stop on the highest amount available.
5 Win Spins Five winning combinations will be spun onto the main reels, their values added up and the cash awarded to the player.
Pick a Win A series of wins will be spun onto the winline. The player must choose what you believe to be the best combination and collect it!
Skill Cash The word SkillCash will be spelt one letter at a time on the LCD display. You must press the stop button when the whole word is show on screen, this will advance the cashladder by one position - and make the next go faster! If the stop button is pressed at the incorrect time, the game will be ended and the player awarded the current value of the cashladder,
10 Shots You are awarded a 10 shot dapple on the cashladder. Try and hit the highest cash value possible!
Super Money Belt Same as Money Belt, except the values are higher!
15 Shots You are awarded a 15 shot dapple on the cashladder. Try and hit the highest cash value possible!
Mix n Match Reel 1 will be spun to a random fruit. You have the option to match the win - this will spin a 4 of a kind in onto the winline. If you mix it, then the next reel will spin to another fruit giving you the opportunity for a higher win.
Winstreak A 3-of-a-kind ot a 4-of-a-kinf win will be awarded to the player and Banked. There will then be a repeat chance, and if successful anotehr win will be awarded, This process will finish when you have either won the Jackpot Value, or when you miss the repeat.
Cashpot The current value of the cashpot is paid to the player. The reserve pot is then transferred to the cashpot and the reserve pot will start from 0.
Jackpot The virtual 250 Jackpot will be awarded, loadsa money!

When you get a win you are taken onto the cashladder, where you can then gamble higher and lower (1 to 12) or Exchange onto the feature game. If you manage to gamble to 15, then you can exchange onto the Superboard!

The full version of the game will allow you to view the reel guide, which will indicate to you the exact position of the reels. This can be extremely useful when you have nudges, which can be given randomly throughout the game - with the option of Skill nudges!

Fruit Machine Statistics More fruit machine statistics

This screen allows you to view all of the internal fruit machine meters, below is a table detailing what meters are available and what they all mean!

There is an option to reset all meters back to their default values.

The target percentage is set to 80% by default and cannot be altered.

Feature Name Description
Money In Shows the amount of money the machine has taken.
Money Out Shows the amount of money the machine has paid out.
Current Percentage Shows the % of money paid out compared to money taken in.
Target Percentage Shows the ratio of money in to money paid out which the machine is trying to reach.
Hopper Displays the amount of virtual money on the Hopper
Cash Box Displays the virtual amount of cash that has fallen into the machines cash box
Last Win Displays the last win collected
Drift Displays the amount of cash the machine can realistically pay out to keep its percentage, or indeed how much it has to save to get back to its target percentage!
Streak Pot This meter shows how much money the machine has saved towards giving a series of Jackpots.
Diff. Displays the difference between the actual percentage and the target percentage

The Options
The Options

The option screen allows you to do the following:

Set the speed at which the reels spin. This is useful if you either have a fast or a slow computer. The settings for the option are from 1 to 20, where 1 makes the reels spin slower and 20 makes the reels spin faster. Once you have found the optimum setting for your copmuter, there is no need to use this option again, your setting will be saved.

Turn the sound on and off. This option turns the in-game sound effects either on or off.

How to buy

CashRoll Club can be purchased for 6.99 UK Pounds.

After your 7 use trial, the game will not function. You must purchase a keycode to activate the game.